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Valentine's Day Box

Valentine's Day Box

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This Valentine’s Day celebrate it with a limited-edition Box! 3 Teas and a Sage bundle!

1 Ounce of Valentines Day Tea - A dessert in a cup! This Valentines blend has a lovely scent of both chocolate and strawberries, balanced delicately, translating to a refreshing and decadent treat in your tea cup.

Ingredients blended With Black Tea, Rose Petals, Natural Chocolate Flavor, Natural Strawberry Flavor, Cocoa Nibs, Dark Chocolate Chips & Strawberries

1 Ounce of Hugs & Kisses Red Herbal Tea

Rose petals are red and Cornflower is Blue. Add in the natural sweetness of a rooibos tea with a delightful fusion of caramel, almond and vanilla and you have yourselves a very fine cup of Love. A wonderful caffeine free blend to unwind after a long day

Ingredients blended With Rooibos Tea, Rose Petals, Blue Cornflowers, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Natural Creme Flavor, Natural Caramel Flavor & Natural Almond Flavor

15 pack of Rooibos Chai Tea Bags - Who doesn't love a smooth winter chai that can be enjoyed on the run?

Organic Ingredients: Rooibos tea, cinnamon root, ginger root, cardamom, cloves, and stevia leaf.

    Also Included:

    • 4" Sage bundle with Smudging instructions
    • Tea making instructions