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Spreading the Love
I have been buying teas from Emily since she had her shop in old town. I loved her then and love her now (Online)....Emily truly listens to what you need and guides you to your best options with out pushing her opinions on you.....and her teas are amazing by the way🧡
Katrina W
I ordered some salves and I love them! Easy to order and great products.
April S
 love how these herbs help my life style I feel so much better energy so much better an my love life has been amazing thanks to emily
Roberta L
I just want to shout out to Emily Sebring that she is so awesome and knowledgeable! My husband has suffered from stomach and acid reflux issues for over two years. He has seen his primary doctor (no longer his doctor) twice for these issues. He has seen a gastro doctor four times for these issues. He had an endoscopy and colonoscopy performed, and he has seen an ENT doctor, as well. He has been prescribed 3 different prescriptions. The first two prescriptions caused brain confusion, the last prescription was recently in the news for containing a cancer-causing ingredient.
THEN I REMEMBERED EMILY! Emily and I spoke over the phone and I explained the issues. She recommended at GI powder that he mixes with water and drinks once a day, along with some capsules to take before each meal. He has been taking the powder and capsules now for three weeks and his issues have been 95% resolved!
Unbelievable the amount of money we spent on doctors, procedures, and prescriptions! Emily's remedy the cost was $40 in supplements!
Thank you, Emily! You are truly awesome!
Kathleen H
Wow! so I never have had allergies in the past and I have lived here almost 10 years. Went to see what Emily could help me with and she suggested the Itchy Salve, boy did it work.
So last night I had a bite on my leg that was huge I did not wAnt to go to the store to get bug bite cream or use soap like I normally do to take the inch away so I used the itchy salve again well this morning I woke up covered in many bug bites from mosquitoes or something. I placed the ichy salve on and guess what friends it is working amazing. The swelling went down and I am not rubbing my skin like I was going to rip it off my body. Thank you Emily for this great product you have provided our ❤️ Family.

Jennie B