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Bulk Herbs

200+ Herbs, Spices & More

Our goal is to provide only the highest quality organic and ethically wildcrafted herbs, teas and culinary spices.  Conventionally grown herbs are sold only when organic or wildcrafted are unavailable.  It is extremely important as a consumer of herbal products that one be informed and use them responsibly.  We recommend that one conduct their own research using the extensive herbal literature written by a qualified herbalist or consult your health practitioner.

Package sizes - 1 ounce per herb/tea/spice minimum

Below is a list of herbs that we carry and are working diligently to create an online shopping experience for you. Our herbs are used daily in creating the blends we have online so we may not have enough of what you are looking but rest assured, our shipments come in weekly and are full of fresh and amazing herbs! 

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c/s : herbs that are cut and sifted

pwd : herbs that have been powdered

whl : herbs in whole form 

herb : many parts of the plant, eg. leaf, stem, flowers

org : grown under organic standards, certified

wc : herbs harvested from the wild, sustainable

ft: fair-trade certified


Agrimony c/s

Alfalfa Leaf c/s, org

Angelica Root c/s, organic

Anise Seed whl, org

Arrowroot pwd, org

Ashwaganda c/s, org

Ashwaganda pwd, org

Astragalus Root pwd 

Astragalus Root slices

Barberry Root wc

Basil c/s org

Bay org

Bayberry Root Bark c/s, wc

Beeswax beads, org

Benzoin Gum pwd

Bilberry Fruit whl, org

Bilberry Leaf c/s, org

Black Cohosh Root c/s, org

Black Walnut Hulls c/s, wc

Black Walnut Hulls pwd, wc

Black Walnut Leaf c/s, wc

Bladderwrack pdr

Blessed Thistle herb, c/s

Boneset herb c/s, wc

Borage herb, c/s, org

Buckthorn Bark c/s, org

Bupleurem Root, slices

Burdock Root c/s, org

Butcher's Broom c/s, org

Cacoa Nibs org

Calamus Root c/s, wc

Calendula Flowers whl, org

California Poppy herb, c/s, org

Cardamom Pods whl

Cardamom Seed pwd, org

Cardamom Seed whl, org

Cascara Sagrada Bark c/s, wc

Cascara Sagrada Bark pwd, wc

Catnip Leaf & Flower c/s, org

Cat's Claw Bark c/s, wc

Cayenne 35K HU, pwd, org

Celandine c/s

Celery Seed whl, org

Centaury c/s, wc

Chamomile Flower whl, org

Chaparral Leaf c/s, wc

Charcoal activated

Chickweed herb, c/s, org

Chicory Root raw, c/s, org

Chicory Root roasted, granules, org

Chlorella cracked, pwd, org

Chrysanthemum Flowers whl, org

Cinnamon chips, org

Cinnamon pwd, org

Cinnamon Sticks org

Clay Bentonite

Clay Kaolin

Cleavers herb, org

Clove pwd, org, ft

Cloves whl, org

Cocoa Butter chunks, org

Codonopsis Root whl

Coltsfoot Leaf c/s, org

Comfrey Leaf c/s, org

Comfrey Leaf pwd, org

Comfrey Root c/s, org

Comfrey Root pwd, org

Coptis Root whl

Coriander Seed pwd, org

Coriander Seed whl, org

Cornsilk c/s, org

Cramp Bark c/s, wc

Cumin Seed pwd, org

Cumin Seed whl, org

Damiana Leaf c/s, wc

Dandelion Leaf c/s, org

Dandelion Root raw, c/s, org

Dandelion Root roasted, c/s, org

Devil's Claw Root org.

Dill Weed c/s, org

Dulse flakes, org

Echinacea angustifolia Root pwd, org

Echinacea angustifolia Root c/s, org

Echinacea purpurea Root c/s, org

Elder Berry whl, wc

Elder Flower wc

Elecampane Root c/s, org

Eleutherococcus Root c/s, org

Eleutherococcus Root pwd, org

Eucalyptus Leaf c/s

Fennel Seed whl, org

Fenugreek Seed whl, org

Feverfew herb c/s, org

Flax Seed org

Frankincense tears, wc


Gentian Root org

Ginger Root crystalized, slices

Ginger Root c/s, org

Ginger Root pwd, org

Ginkgo Leaf c/s, org

Ginkgo Leaf pwd, org


Goldenrod herb, c/s, org

Goldenseal Root pwd, org

Gotu Kola herb, pwd, org

Gotu Kola c/s, org

Gravel Root c/s

Gymnemia c/s

Hawthorn Berry whl, org

Hawthorn Leaf & Flower org

Hibiscus Flower c/s, org

Holy Basil org

Honeysuckle Flower whl

Hops Flower whl, org

Horehound herb, c/s, wc

Horse Chestnut org

Horsetail c/s, org

Hydrangea Root c/s, wc

Hyssop herb, c/s, wc

Irish Moss c/s, org

Jamaican Dogwood Bark c/s, wc

Jasmine Flower whl

Juniper Berry whl, org

Kava Kava Root c/s

Kava Kava Root pwd

Kelp granules, org

Ladies Mantle herb, c/s, org

Lavender Flower org

Lemon Balm Leaf c/s, org

Lemon Peel c/s, org

Lemon Verbena Leaf whl, org

Lemongrass Leaf c/s, org

Licorice Root c/s, org

Licorice Root pwd, org

Linden Flowers org

Lobelia herb, c/s, wc

Lovage Root slices

Lycii Berry org

Maca gelatinized, pwd, org

Marjoram Leaf c/s, org

Marshmallow Root c/s, org

Marshmallow Root pwd, org

Meadowsweet herb, c/s, org

Menthol Crystals

Milk Thistle Seed whl, org

Mistletoe herb, c/s

Moringa Leaf org

Motherwort herb, c/s, wc

Mugwort herb, c/s, org

Mullein Leaf c/s, org


Myrrh Gum

Myrrh Gum pwd

Nettle Leaf c/s, org

Nutmeg pwd, org

Nutmeg whl

Oats Milky Seed org

Oatstraw c/s, org


Orange Peel c/s, org

Oregano herb, c/s, org

Oregon Grape Root org

Orris Root peeled, c/s, org

Orris Root peeled, pwd, org

Osha Root whl

Papaya Leaf c/s

Paprika pwd, org

Parsley Leaf c/s, org

Parsley Root c/s

Partridge Berry herb, wc

Passion Flower herb, wc

PauD/Arco Bark c/s, wc

Pennyroyal herb, org

Peony Root white, slices

Pepper black, whl, org


Peppermint Leaf c/s, org

Periwinkle herb, c/s, org

Pipsissewa herb, c/s, wc

Plantain Leaf c/s, org

Pleurisy Root c/s, wc

Poke Root c/s

Poppy Seed whl, org

Prickly Ash Bark c/s, wc

Psyllium Husk pwd

Psyllium Seed org

Red Clover herb, org

Red Clover Tops org

Red Raspberry Leaf org

Red Root c/s

Rehmannia Root steamed

Reishi Mushroom slices, org

Rhodiola Root w/c

Rose Buds & Petals red

Rose Buds & Petals red, org

Rosehips c/s, org

Rosemary Leaf whl, org

Rue herb, c/s


Sage Leaf c/s, org

Sage White whl

Sage Bundles whl

Sarsaparilla Root c/s, wc

Sassafras Root Bark c/s, wc

Saw Palmetto Berry c/s, org

Schizandra Berry whl, org


Senna Leaf org

Senna Leaf pwd, org

Sesame Seed black, whl, org

Shea Butter chunks, org

Sheep Sorrel org

Sheep Sorrel pwd, org

Shepherd's Purse herb, c/s, org

Shiitake Mushroom

Skullcap herb, c/s, org

Slippery Elm Bark c/s, org

Slippery Elm Bark pwd, org

Spearmint Leaf c/s, org

Spirulina Indian, pwd, org

St. John's Wort herb, c/s, org

Stevia Leaf c/s, org

Suma Root c/s

Suma Root pwd

Tansy herb, c/s, org

Tarragon Leaf c/s

Thyme Leaf c/s, org

Turkey Rhubarb c/s, org

Turkey Rhubarb pwd, org

Turmeric Root pwd, org

Uva Ursi Leaf org

Valerian Root c/s, org

Valerian Root, pwd, org

Vanilla Bean org

Vitex Berry pwd, org

Vitex Berry whl, org

White Oak Bark c/s

White Willow Bark c/s, wc

Wild Cherry Bark c/s, wc

Wild Lettuce herb, c/s, org

Wild Yam Root c/s, wc

Witch Hazel c/s, wc

Wood Betony herb, c/s, wc

Wormwood herb, org

Wormwood pwd, wc

Yarrow Flower c/s, org

Yellowdock Root c/s, wc

Yerba Mansa Root c/s

Yerba Mate green, herb, c/s, org

Yerba Santa Leaf whl, wc

Yohimbe Bark c/s, wc

Yucca Root c/s