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We Are Relocating!

You may have noticed that things have been quiet since our week-long Black Friday – Cyber Monday emails and sales ended. Behind the scenes however, things couldn’t have been any crazier! Jerry and I had an interesting Thanksgiving weekend and Root 2 Route Botanicals had lots of orders to fill and boxes to ship.

Amongst all of the tissue paper, Christmas colors, shredded filler, teas, tinctures and Tea Time Subscription Boxes we had one request that not only gave us pause but stopped us dead in our tracks. It wasn’t a bad thing by any stretch but it was something that required a little more than a fun box and glitter paper.

So, what’s this big news I’ve been hinting at? Long story short, Jerry and I are being relocated to Las Vegas! Some of you know our connection there but fear not, all will be well.

Jerry works in the tower industry and is one of the guys that makes sure our cells phones actually work. He’s no longer a climber of 500’ steel poles, by hand, on a string and carabiner but is now one of the “bosses”. Yay for me! His feet are on the ground as is my stomach.  

This also means that Root 2 Route Botanicals is being relocated right alongside us. Yikes!

What started as an idea, a hope and a dream, finally became a reality 8 years ago this past week. Some of you have been with me from the beginning, when I had a tiny clinic and apothecary in my home. Some of you found me when I had that monstrosity of a building in downtown Casa Grande. Others found me at famers markets, events, SCA and a variety of other places.

Beginning February 1st 2021, Nevadans will begin to find me and join our R2R Family <3 Things will be interesting for all of us over the next 6 weeks but if you know me, you know I love adventure!

With that being said, I want to reassure each of you that while things might get bumpy, Root 2 Route Botanicals will continue to do what we do. There will be some changes along the way but I will keep you posted on our progress, our adventures and even our “help us move” sales =)

Did I mention we will be downsizing and living the RV life for a while? Be sure to follow us on Social Media to see what’s going on with us and with Root 2 Route Botanicals!

Loving you all, Emily



  • Good morning!
    Okay so I took the time to read my emails today and understand what is going on.
    I will be sad to see you leave us but happy for you as you begin a new adventure.
    You are one of my favorite people in the whole world.
    I wish you the best of good fortune in 2021!!!

    Julia King
  • Wow, how exciting for you! I wish that I had heard about your business sooner. Great luck on your new adventure! Be safe!

    Michele Dando
  • Oh my goodness! Super exciting for you! I will certainly miss seeing you from time to time 😢Here’s to new adventures! 🥂

    Judy Lopez
  • Good luck and thanks for all the help and advise you’ve given me this past year.

  • Happy trails emily and Jerry! You’ve been a wonderful spirit in casa grande and will continue wherever you land! Thank you for sharing your expertise.

    Nansi Chandler-norum

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