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The Birth of an Idea

The idea of a subscription box had been on my mind for quite some time and it wasn’t until Covid hit that I had a chance to sit down and really look at the idea. So many thoughts were rolling around in my head that I had to journal it all out, but on individual pieces of paper that ended up looking like the grid from Tron, minus the lights. It was insane!

There are so many things I like and don’t like about the tea industry. Depending on where you live in the world, tea is viewed differently. So, what did I do? I subscribed to some of the most popular tea box subscriptions here in the USA. 

Finding one I liked was impossible but that was because of the tea I liked. Herbals have always been at the heart of my little world but the boxes were all focus on black teas and flavored teas. Some of them were amazing but at the end of the day it wasn’t what I was looking for.

As many of you know, tea is not the only thing I make, do or provide with botanicals. I love creating tea blends but I also love the tinctures, oils, powders and seeds. I also love teaching! It doesn’t matter if it’s a materia medica or a medicine making class.

So, there I sat with the different boxes all torn apart and created another grid system. I pulled out the parts I liked and noted the pros and cons to each piece. What would I do differently? Does any of this line up with my original ideas? My work as an herbalist? Short answer… nope!

Was it back to the drawing board? Not exactly. A few months later that I came across a coach who taught me how to manage this very idea. I couldn’t believe it. I had all the pieces laying there right in front of me and now I knew how to put the puzzle together. Talk about exciting! Scary as heck but exciting.

It took a while to get everything lined up but we launched our very first Tea Time Subscription Box last November 2020. I couldn’t believe the amount of support and subscribers that joined the waitlist and the launch. So humbling and heart felt. To say I appreciate each and every one of you doesn’t do justice to how you made me feel as those first few boxes left my hands.

Just as the first batch of Tea Time Boxes went to the post office, Jerry and I found out we were being relocated to Nevada. OMG… Stop the train! Pause…. Rewind…. What do we do now? Aside from a few minor changes to the tea selection in each box, we are still on schedule. I knew I wouldn’t be in a position to blend enough of my own tea during the move so I reached out to another merchant for the February and March boxes. Amazing stuff!

I want to give a huge shout to all of our subscribers for not only supporting us in this endeavor but also for joining me on this new adventure. Who knows what awaits us in Nevada but it’s going to be awesome!

P.S. Thank you, Sarah! Your program made my life so much calmer, my stress levels dropped and my brain is so much happier these days lol.

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