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Clearing the Confusion

Good morning Herbies! I just wanted to touch base with you and clear up a little confusion.

Last month I announced that we were being relocated to the Las Vegas area (Jerry’s job) and many people assumed we were also closing. That is not the case. R2R Botanicals is simply headed in a new direction. Space will be very limited for a few months and you can’t pack 800 sq. ft of inventory into 200 sq. ft, not to mention that I will be flying solo now. All of my helpers, volunteers, herbalists, and friends in the herbal world are staying here in Arizona.  

So why all the closeout sales?

Rather than replace all of the herbs that made up the 120+ tea blends we had online, I cut the list down to what was the most popular. Some of those blends were favored in the tincture form so we decided to add more tinctures to the mix. My tincture wall alone has over 600 bottles and no way are they going to fit in the new office. Yikes!

There is a tincture sale this weekend?

I have been so blessed to work with an amazing tincture maker. So much went on behind the scenes these past few months and things worked out beautifully. Nearly all of my formulas will now be mixed for me. That means I can cut down on my stress load and have a huge sale this weekend. All individual tinctures will be $8 an ounce and sold in the 1-ounce amber dropper bottles. 273 different herbs! Simples only (no blends) and I'll be going in alphabetical order.

What are some of the changes?

Things are moving quickly now but fear not, my OCD organizer self already has the plan in motion. While the relocation came as a surprise, it was a welcome surprise to this gypsy heart of mine. Who knows what is in store for us in Vegas but I can guarantee I’ll be finding something fun to get into =)

The Tea Shop will continue as it has, with new blends coming out seasonally.

The Herbal Extracts will be expanding a little each month beginning at the end of the month.

The biggest surprise for us this year was the success of the Tea Time Subscription Box and I couldn’t be more thrilled! This is where the best mysteries, magic and surprises can be found so why not go big 2021? I can’t wait to show you what is in store!

What is the Tea Time Subscription Box?

If you haven’t subscribed yet then you can check out the details here. Each month is unique and gives me an opportunity to go crazy with wonderful herbs & teas, bath & body, candles & papers  and whatever else strikes your fancy. Each box is packed full of all the wonderful goodies the herbal and holistic world has to offer. The best part? Almost NONE of them will be available on the website. OOOhhhhhh…. The suspense!

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Loving you all, Emily


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